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A private connection of crypto traders

A great opportunity to manually trade large size with some of the sharpest algorithmic traders in the Bitcoin derivatives market, or to algorithmically trade a large number of different arbitrage and spread trading strategies that benefit from the low fees.

What is LC about?

Large size trading with some of the sharpest algorithmic traders.

Liquidity Club is a private trading group intended for high-volume traders who want to be early to TradeLayer’s low-fee hedging and take advantage of each other’s liquidity or liquidity provided by TradeLayer Inc’s trading desk.

Liquidity Club Rules

  • You must pass KYC

  • You must respect the AML Guidelines

  • Someone yells "stop" and requests quotes for exit liquidity, the trade is over

  • Must be a resident in a jurisdiction that permits persons at your financial level, or your legal entity, to trade derivatives and/or securities

  • Trades will go on as long as they have to

  • All trades are bilateral but can clear globally

  • If this is your first night at Liquidity Club, you have to trade